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Keeping abreast of everything new on the Internet, including all the latest apps and tools, is no easy task. It seems like every day brings some new technology – or ten.

Typically, you have to subscribe to four or five sources, at least, to stay on the up-and-up. Being able to find current information in one place would be a Godsend, wouldn’t it?

Well, we’ve found the holy grail of web design magazines and it’s chock full of everything you need to stay ahead in a fast paced industry.

10 Best Lynda Courses to Learn Web Design On

If you’re starting a new business or changing the direction of your current business, the budget required to hire someone to create a website for you may not be feasible, and navigating the technologies required to create a website yourself can be rather confusing, especially because new technologies and tools are emerging at a rampant speed.

But despite challenges, with the right tools, it’s entirely possible to learn how to design your own website – even if you feel technologically handicapped.

Besides doing everything we can to serve our clients, at Share Web Design we strive to support the intrepid DIYer with free web design help.

We do this through our blog by anticipating and answering your design and marketing questions, through YouTube tutorials and by offering the option to message us for help.

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How to Defend Against a WordPress Brute Force Attack

There are a lot of unscrupulous individuals out there that have been breaking into people’s WordPress websites and causing havoc on servers in general. One of the ways these individuals are doing this is by using what’s called a WordPress brute force attack. A WordPress brute force attack is when a hacker, or rather slime of the earth hacker, sicks a bot (hacker program) on your WordPress login area to gain access to your administrative panel. This bot tries to guess your username and password by using processing power to enter as many combinations as possible until it guesses correctly, hence the name WordPress brute force attack.

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